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HTL, Inc. and HomeTownLocator State Gazetteers - a Brief History

The HomeTownLocator series of state gazetteers have been a popular resource for finding local information since January 2005. We've averaged over a million visitors/month ever since.

Quantcast Traffic Report and US Rank for HomeTownLocator has been directly measuring traffic to the HomeTownLocator gazetteers since April 2007. The traditional method of panel-based surveys of Internet traffic was laughably inaccurate, so we were an early adopter of the direct-measurement approach used by Quantcast.

Below, is a screen-capture of the Quantcast Traffic Report for HomeTownLocator. It indicates that the site had a US Rank (based on monthly unique visitors) of 918 and it had 1.54M unique visitors in the previous 30-day period.



Google Data About HomeTownLocator

Google reports a lot of information about websites if you construct the search using a particular structure. Here are 3 Google searches that provide data on the visibility, prominence, and utilization of the HTL gazetteers as a reference site.

  1. If you use as a search term, Google will tell you how many pages from the specified site are in their search index. When we did a search for, Google reported the page count as about 1.78 M. See below:
  2. If you use for the search, Google will tell you how many pages they found referencing the state gazetteers when the pages within were excluded from the count. The report below indicates they have found 593,000 pages from other sites referencing
  3. If you use as the search term, Google will tell you how many pages on federal, state, and local government websites they found referencing You will find references to our state gazetteers in federal court cases (such as the first search results in the screen capture below). Other references from government sites are very wide-ranging from the site to counties and small towns that make reference to HTL as a source for school boundary maps and many other information needs. The Google report below lists 213,000 pages on governmental website with references to our local information.







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