The  Housing Affordability Index (HAI) base is 100 and represents a balance point where a resident with a median household income can normally qualify to purchase a median price home. Values:

    • ABOVE 100 indicate INCREASED affordability
    • BELOW 100 indicate DECREASED affordability


MOST Affordable Housing

Top 5 Most Affordable US Housing: 

  1. Town of Province in Alabama has a HAI of 350.
  2. Rock Mills Census Designated Place in Alabama has a HAI of 350.
  3. South Van Horn Census Designated Place in Alaska has a HAI of 350.
  4. Welton Hills Census Designated Place in Arizona has a HAI of 350.
  5. City of Anaktuvuk Pass in Alaska has a HAI of 350.

Top 200 Most Affordable:


LEAST Affordable Housing

Top 5 Least Affordable US Housing:

  1. Stanford Census Designated Place in California has a HAI of 13.
  2. Point Reyes Station Census Designated Place in California has a HAI of 17.
  3. Town of Snowmass Village in Colorado has a HAI of 21.
  4. Village of Kaser in New York has a HAI of 22.
  5. Hanalei Census Designated Place in Hawaii has a HAI of 22.

Top 200 Least Affordable:


STATES, Most/Least Affordable Housing

Top 3 MOST Affordable States:

  1. West Virginia (182)
  2. Indiana (180)
  3. Arkansas (177)

Top 3 LEAST Affordable States:

  1. Hawaii (65)
  2. California (61)
  3. Oregon (83)

List of All States – Ranked by Housing Affordability Index:


WITHIN State Affordability

Each HomeTownLocator state gazetteer has an easy to use tool to do within state rankings of cities & towns, counties, and ZIP Codes by 5 key demographics.

Here is an example of ranking the top-20 California ZIP Codes with the LEAST affordable housing costs (lowest HAI). 

The one tool can be used for within state of rankings of cities, towns, counties and ZIP Codes for:

  1. Population
  2. Population Density
  3. Diversity Index
  4. Wealth Index
  5. Housing Affordability Index

The tool will list the top-20 or the top-200 sorted from lowest to highest or vice versa.


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